The Internet Craps the Bed

Steve: Episode 28, Title: The Internet Craps the Bed. With Chad, Drew, Liz, and Iyaz.

In this episode, Chad, Drew, and Liz and Iyaz, talk about Rick Perry, what they would get if they could get anything, and after the internet fails, they go super low tech.

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4 Responses to The Internet Craps the Bed

  1. bobo jones says:

    Why is Liz not being violated in this episode?

  2. Drew says:

    Well, I had to update the file, because for some reason my audio was only coming in on the right side. And when I did that, it lost all of its download history. Noooo! It looks like noone has listened to it now, and Steve, being an ego maniac, is sad…

  3. Great episode, I’m really looking forward to the reunion show.

  4. Tim says:

    What was the link for the pics you talked in this episode?

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